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Blate Papes

NO Gluten, GMOs, Flavors, Colors, Preservatives
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Do you have trouble with toss and wash? Are you struggling with the taste of an especially bitter strain? Trying to chug down a larger dose? We finally have a solution for those among us who value the benefits of kratom but struggle to get it down every day. Blate Papes are an extremely simple to use gel film that dissolves completely in your stomach, thoroughly and quickly. Unlike expensive capsules, they are made of simple potato starch instead of beef gelatin. Everyone knows the problem with capsules is that they tend to stick together in your stomach, preventing the even absorption of a dose, which might as well be a loss in potency. Here is the answer to that, and many other problems that us dedicated kratom users face on a daily basis. They are an honest to goodness gamechanger, my friends. Each package includes 120 films as well as a film holder which makes them a breeze to fill.

Non-GMO, gluten free, and color + preservative free

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