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  • I'm new to all of this stuff, can you make some suggestions for me?"
    No, not really. What we can do is relay information to you about what some of our customers have reported and tell you about our own experiences. We aren't doctors and nothing we say should ever be remotely construed as medical advice nor should it be used in place of the advice of a qualified medical professional. You should take to your doctor before beginning any new medications, herbal or dietary supplements, etc. Your doctor knows you far better than we do and can better advise you on the possible risks and benefits. Because of the wide variety of products available with so many subjective factors (such as your personal body chemistry {ex. dopamine and serotonin levels}, weight, and cross-over tolerance, not to mention the phytochemical variances that can change depending on the amount of minerals in the soil, how much it rained this season, how old the plant is, etc. etc.) There really is no "catch-all" product that works for everyone. The best way to find out what works for you is good old fashioned trial and error. We have some awesome sample packs available for you to do just that!
  • Not for Human Consumption? What gives?
    We know, we know. We absolutely do not encourage, endorse, support, or approve of the use of any of our products in any manner not consistent with FDA regulations. That being said, we believe it is irresponsible and potentially hazardous for us to feign ignorance and pretend that there aren't some of you who will disregard our strongly emphasized advice and use our products however you see fit. If it's really about keeping people safe then teaching abstinence only is the wrong answer. We need to be sharing information for those of you who need it. If you would like more information on the potential benefits and potential risks of the misuse of our products and products like ours, we recommend this valuable resource. Unfortunately, due to the status of one of the key active ingredients in our products in the Unapproved New Dietary Ingredient category, marketing or selling our products as an herbal or dietary supplement is against the law.
  • What is cGMP and why should I care?
    CGMP stands for Current Good Manufacturing Practices. They are a set of baseline regulations enforced by the Food and Drug Administration and you should care for a couple of reasons. First and foremost is your own safety. These regulations ensure that the quality, strength, and purity is consistant with each product you purchase. Currently there are no guidelines for manufactures of products like our to follow. This has had a substantial impact on the industry and has allowed for small businesses to thrive. Unfortunately, this had it's own set of consequences. No regulation allowed many "vendors" to sell an untested product from an unknown source, packaged in unknown conditions, with unknown purity and potency standards, to be sold from anywhere and, not at all uncommon, even sold in sandwich baggies with no proper labeling. The inherent danger in this is evident and should more than enough reason to want to implement enforcable standards. Don't care how/where it's packaged as long as it's good? Fair enough. Why is it good though? There have been more than a few cases of adulterated/misbranded products being released in an attempt to decieve consumers into thinking it was just a high quality product. What about heavy metals? Bacteria and microorganisms? The problem is that some think it has to be either or. Either good products or good practices, but that's not the case at all. As an end user, the acceptable answer should be both. Not only do vendors who refuse to take steps toward implementing the standards necessary for dietary ingredients/supplements expose their customers to unnecessary risks, they also harm the industry as a whole by de-legitimizing it. Do you know what gets packaged in basements, put in sandwich baggies, and sold without proper information? Street drugs.
  • Can I get some free samples?
    Due to the amount of time and effort that goes into the manufacture of each and every one of our products, we are no longer able to offer free samples. However, we do have some very cost effective options for those on a budget. You can find them right here.
  • No free shipping? But those other guys always have free shipping.
    Ok, let's do some math. Typically, those who offer free shipping price their products in the $9 - $10 per ounce range. They also will have a minimum purchase requirement, sometimes without saying it, and you will not have the option to purchase single ounces. Allowing for as much leeway as possible, we will assume the price is only $9/oz. with a 2 oz. minimum. So, for 2 oz. (57g) and free First Class 5 - 7 day mail, you are out the door for $18 even. Now, let's compare that to yours truly. Our 30G packs are only $5 all day every day. So let’s grab 2 of those for $10. Now, on to the shipping costs :( For $6.50 you get 1-3 Day Priority Mail with $50 insurance. That brings the total to a cool $16.50 for 60G. Let’s review. Over there you get; -A minimum of 2 oz. purchase. That means you have to spend $18, no matter what. -Free First Class Mail, which takes 5-7 days. (a $2.77 value) -57 grams. 28.5 grams (1 oz.) x 2 = 57g -$18 total. Here, you get: -More options. You can purchase only 30 grams if you want. -1-3 Day Priority Mail (2 days to most locations). Potentially 6 days faster but more likely to be 3-4 days faster than first class. -More product. All of our package weights exceed 1 oz. by at least 1.5G. -Peace of mind. $50 insurance just in case something does happen to it. -You get all of this for $1.50 less than the other guy. $16.50, with better options, faster shipping, package insurance, and more product. You want free shipping? Go right on ahead, but remember that just because it sounds good doesn’t mean it is good.
  • When will my order ship?
    We are a small business that has taken it upon ourselves to manufacture our products with strict regulations not even yet required of us. While we do our very best to get every order out same day, it may not be possible. If this is the case, rest assured that your order will be prepared and shipped by the following day. Please note, we do NOT ship on Saturdays. For more information on shipping, go here.
  • Do you offer overnight shipping?
    Due to some recent issues with being able to secure overnight to certain regions, we have suspended the overnight option. We are currently exploring other shipping services and platforms and hope to make them available to you if they are economically feasible and meet our standards. We do offer USPS Express at checkout to expedite shipping time.
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