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Red Bali, or Borneo (they are actually the same strains, it just depends on whether it is named after the country of origin or the country of exportation) is a great true red while still having the versatility of a daytime strain. It's another tried and true favorite in the community.

Red Bali

SKU: EE-R-01
  • 1 oz. = 28.5 grams

    1 lb. = 454 grams

    2.2 lbs = 1 kg = 1000 grams 

    • Orders less than 500G cannot be split.


    •  500G orders can be split into two (2) 250G bags of different strains or blends. Simply indicate the other strain/blend in the section provided to you at checkout.


    • 1KG  orders can be split into either two (2) 500G bags of 2 strains or four (4) 250G bags of your choice. Simply indicate the other three (3) strains in the section provided to you at checkout. ★★ KILOS CANNOT BE SPLIT THREE (3) WAYS INTO THREE (3) 333G BAGS
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